Kings LED 3 Xtra Bright Module - Pure White

Our Kings LED 3XB use 3x 2835 LED to produce a high lumen output with low power consumption, coupled with a special designed 160o lens for wider & more even light diffusion these LEDs are perfect for backlighting applications such as sign cases & fret cut sign trays. 

  • Dims 65mm x 15mm x 6mm
  • 40 modules per chain 
  • 0.72w per module 
  • 50000hrs lifespan 
  • 160 degree lens
  • High Brightness 66lm
  • 3 Year Product Warranty

IP67 Injection moulded case provides a water resistant, stronger, more durable outer body with an exposed aluminium heat sink underneath to keep the LED temperature as low as possible. 

Use of constant current technology allows our LEDs to be wired up in longer chains (max. 40 modules per chain) unlike lesser quality constant voltage LEDs where the chains are much shorter (max. 20 modules per chain). 

Calculating power required: 

Total LED module wattage plus 20% (Total watts x 1.2). 

For example; 40 LED Modules at 0.72watts = 28.8w x 1.2 = 34.56w therefore a 40watt transformer is required to run your LEDs. 

(For safety reasons it is always best to allow at least 20% headroom on your total LED wattage)

Kings LED 3 Xtra Bright Module - Pure White

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This product has a minimum quantity of 40